Product consistency, artisan cultivation and outstanding quality are the core values guiding our dedicated staff to deliver this superior brand to you.

Located in the lush Hood River Valley, our indoor garden resides in the shadow of the majestic Mount Hood. Our spring fed hydroponic gardens use only the safest organic pest control methods and are powered by 100% renewable energy. We at Otis Gardens have an uncompromising commitment to growing the highest quality cannabis. No step is spared in producing the very best. Our perpetual gardens are built with our plants’ comfort in mind including stereo speakers in every room ~ because plants just want to rock.

Our water source is a glacial fed spring at the base of Mount Hood but incoming water purity is only the first step. Our water undergoes reverse osmosis filtration before nutrients are added. All of our plants are irrigated with proprietary blends of mineral based nutrient. We use five proprietary formulas to give plants exact nutrients at the correct time and great care is taken to minimize nutrient runoff.

Our cannabis flowers are never sprayed with pesticides. Not even with organic pesticides. Zero. None.

We strive to keep our farm pest free while keeping the safety of our workers and patients at the forefront of our plans and actions. We have developed an extensive integrative pest management plan (IPM) that meets all standards for organic pest control. We believe this IPM plan is one of the safest in Oregon for cannabis production. Environmental control and sanitation prevents pests and spores from entering or traveling within the farm. The use of compost teas in conjunction with proper nutrient management bolsters our plants natural pest and disease resistance. At Otis Gardens we employ the use of several predatory mites, beneficial nematodes and numerous beneficial microorganisms during the flowering phase so that no pesticides of any type are sprayed on our plants.

Since our beginnings in 2014, Otis Gardens assures our customers the highest quality experience and confidence in their safety. We are proud to state that SINCE DAY ONE, OTIS GARDENS HAS NEVER FAILED A LAB, EVER; with three years of lab data to prove it! Buy our cannabis with confidence in the very best